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Me and friends played this and we LOVED it!! 10/10  love this vampire thruple !!!!

is this just a demo? it is so short..


I loved it. Very short but its incredible. I was caught in surprise by the endings. Thank you so much for bring us such a good game. 


Hey, just so you know the game isn't really working for the mac download, it just shows a black screen. Hope you can fix it soon!

You aren't the only person that has the same problem (◕╭╮◕)

I enjoy the story but it's hard to fully immerse yourself in when the game is constantly permanently black screening after loading the game or doing anything, and occasionally after loading or again, doing nothing, you can't click or press space/enter to continue with dialogue.
It'd be nice if these issues were addressed as they can completely halt or delay enjoy-ability because it's a very short and sweet game with great art and intriguing endings.


Love this game - the story was awesome (though would have loved more in the story)  Graphics are great :)


Currently trying to get this game up and running but its just showing a black screen, running on MacOS.


choosing the follow them option bugs it out. for me at least.


This game is sooooooo awesome!!! :D

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1.the art is so COOL

2.PLOT is just fasinating

3. holy cheese the expressions though so cool

but i woudve prefered if it was more than three endinds 

but totally deserve the 1 hour for it two download


And of course it doesn't work... 

I am on Win10 but it's a tablet PC 32bit... (i'm pretty sure it works on 64bit)

Visual Novel maker, i hate you ! Farewell then, your little game seemed nice TT

I don't know if you have itch downladed, but if not you should try that, cause I hade to do that for it to work for me!


My name just so happens to be Rowan, so reading the description definitely made me feel uncomfortable. I'm sure the game is good, though.


I LOVE IT! I really love this game. It was unpredictable, great and the artwork (as well as the story line) was awesome. But I don't hear any of the characters voices. I made sure the volume of it was up really high but I can only hear the background music. And whenever I try to load a saved game, it would stay on a black screen and exit the game after awhile. But like I said, overall, pretty awesome game.


I'm reading the comments... um you should update the game if there are any issues... 

great job i didn't expect that at all

....Im shook.

Everytime I try to play my laptop says "This app can't run on your PC. "

I have Windows 10, help?   ):


Wow so the dark turn of events are amazing. Thumbs up on this game well thought out I really enjoyed it. Aaron you feel soe what bad for his choices in life and why. And jake man you really just want to hug him. I wish the story was much longer and even had more choices. This would have been good as a demo. May I ask will there be another one? Or is this it?! I havent found many otome games like this and if there was one like this longer and more choices with more endings and maybe one more character for instance the vampire who bit her I would pay for pre-order. I write my own stories and this just surprised me I hate predictable endings and this was far from it. Bravo on such an amazing game!!!


I tried to play this but the Mac file wouldn't open correctly :(((


Holy sh*t. That was great. I was completely blindsided by the twists in this game, and I LOVE it. A+ writing, guys!

kind of confusing

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Ooh, what a great little game. Your artwork is really beautiful (those CGs!) and I enjoyed that the tone was much darker than I could've anticipated. I also liked the twist endings, and that the choices I thought would lead me to the "bad ending" in traditional otome games actually led to the happiest conclusion. The characters and relationships had a surprising amount of depth, and I would've loved to see more of them! I will say that some of the tags are deceptive, but I didn't mind it and did really like the game for what it is. 

There does appear to be a somewhat annoying glitch where I can only load a saved game once-- if I try to go back to the main menu, or load a different save, the game gets stuck on a black screen. It would be great to see this fixed! Also, not sure if there's supposed to be voice acting included? I see a lot of options in settings for the characters' voices, but I only heard background music throughout. 

This game is really cool. I liked that the endings were different, and I mean really different, than I expected. I really like your art style, and I hope you keep on making more games together. 

This reminds me of The Vampire Diaries XD


is this game not playable in win 7 32 bit? bcos the game didn't start and i really wanted to play it :'( really nice CGs btw <3<3<3

I encoutered the same problem with AlphaGodith : there is a bugs making the page responding so late in "Walk Home Alone" choice. And it seems that the Skip option is a bit uncontrolled (it keeps scrolling through unseen narration :') )

Anyhow, the graphic isn't questionable (it's picturesque!), and the story with the twisted circumstances is rather well-written, but I just hope it introduces the environment or the general circumstance of "vampire is very much normal and acceptable in this fiction" in prior ^^;

had some trouble getting the 'walk home alone' choice to work right, had to skip through it to waking up at home to see that ending... otherwise very smooth, and delightfully dark!

I loved this game!! I just wish it was longer <3

Okay so everytime i click to play it it pops u at the bottom screen but wont open up or move so i can actually see it?? Help please.

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Hi! Encountered some sort of bug - after the first choice (to follow) I get Jake's first remark ("what's going on"), and can't progress after that - only skip. Pkaying on windows


I'm interested in this game, but from the previous comment I see it has some glitches. Just wanted to ask if they had been fixed, since I'd rather wait before downloading!


After installing it, it stating error unknown. Trying to re installing but the results still the same. Can't even start the game at all, please fix this

I'm really sorry to hear that -- which system are you using?


currently on windows 10

After the first decision, I chose to walk home alone, and everything after that quit working. I can't progress the story without skipping everything and going back and reading the log to see what I missed. 

Thanks for letting me know -- I'll see what I can do to fix the glitch


It may just be me, but when I open up the game on my Mac it's just a black screen even after several attempts.

Ack, I'm sorry to hear that! I'll see what I can do.


Finally got it to work. I had to right click "Show package contents" and open it up that way for the screen to load. 

omg thanks for informing us <3 you're a lifesaver

omg thanks for informing us <3 you're a lifesaver